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Scale Displaying Negative Values

What Is A Negative Value?

Negative values are numbers that are less than zero, and are displayed on your digital scale with a minus sign ( — ) in front of the numbers on the display. For example “10.0g” is negative 10 grams.

Why Is YOUR Scale Displaying Negative Values?

Negative numbers being displayed is caused by removing a tray or container from the weighing platform after the scale has been tared for a tray or container. The negative value displayed from removing a tray/container after completing a tared weigh is referred to as a tared value. The tared value is equal to the weight of the tray or container subtracted from zero. So if the tray or container weighs 100 grams, your scale will display “-100g” after removing the tray/container from the tared weighing platform.

Returning Scale To Zero Point

To return the scale back to the normal zero point, remove all items from the weighing platform and press the tare button. Once the display shows a 0 reading, your scale has now been restored back to its resting state and is ready to weigh more items.

Need More Help?

If the scale does not return to zero after completing the steps above, please power off your scale and make sure that you are following the best practices for weighing objects. If you are following the best practices and the problem persists, your scale may need to be recalibrated.