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Website Related Questions

Where can I find the user manual and other documentation on my scale?

Documentation for your scale can be found on your scale’s product page.

Please visit the Products page to search for your product, or use the search feature by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of our website.

Once you navigate to the correct product page, click on the documents tab to view the available resources.  Click the “Download User Manual” icon to open a PDF version of that scale’s manual in your browser.  From this screen you may also download the manual to your computer to save it for later use.

Warranty & Replacement Questions

What doesn't my warranty cover?

Normal wear & tear, as well as user-caused damage to the scale exterior or internal components, are not covered under warranty.  Any form of misuse, abuse or mistreatment to the scale will void the scale’s warranty. Accessories such as bowls, trays, finishes, calibration weights, clasps, hinges, feet, AC adaptors and batteries are also not covered under warranty.

How do I send my scale for a warranty replacement?

Start by researching our troubleshooting tips and help articles to see if the issue with your scale can be resolved without sending your scale for replacement.  If you cannot find a solution to your scale’s problem, you may need to submit a warranty claim.  Please visit the Warranty page for more information on replacing your scale.

Help Article: Sending Your Scale For Warrant Claim

What information does HBI Tech require to process a warranty claim?

It is essential that you provide all required information when sending your scale for a warranty claim. If you do not provide all required information with the scale when submitting a warranty claim, we will not be able to process your warranty claim.  

The required information includes:

  1. Your name
  2. Contact method: phone number and/or email address
  3. Return shipping information
  4. The original warranty card that came with your scale completed with your information
  5. Copy of scale’s purchase receipt

Help Article: Sending Your Scale For Warranty Claim

What should I include in the package when shipping a scale for replacement?

In most instances, we only need the scale and the warranty claim information to replace a scale.  The warranty claim information is provided by either submitting a Warranty Claim through our website, or by completing the original warranty card that was included with your scale.

When shipping a scale for replacement, please do not send accessories, adaptors or weights unless instructed otherwise by HBI Tech.  If you send unnecessary items with your warranty claim to HBI Tech, you may be asked to provide additional return postage.

Do I need to do anything to my scale before sending it for a warranty claim?

Clean your scale of any foreign substances such as gun powder or material residue.  To ensure proper safety protocols, we must assume that any foreign material on a scale is a hazardous substance and potentially dangerous.  HBI Tech policy is to dispose of any scale received with foreign substances without providing any restitution to the sender and reject the warranty claim.

Where do I send my scale for a warranty claim?

HBI Tech has Warranty & Return Departments in 3 different regions: USA, Canada & Europe.  Customers must ship their scale to the Warranty & Return Department region that corresponds with the return shipping information provided.  If a customer sends a scale to the incorrect Warranty Department, the claim will not be processed and the scale may be held by HBI Tech until additional shipping fees are provided by the scale owner.

Help Article: Where To Send Your Scale For Warranty Claim

What if my scale gets lost in the mail?

We strongly recommend purchasing insurance and receiving tracking information on your package when sending a scale for repair or replacement.  If a package from a customer is lost or misplaced, HBI Tech will be unable to assist in locating it without a tracking number from the shipping provider.

Scale Operation Questions

Why won’t my scale power on?

Low batteries and poor battery connections are the most frequent source of digital scale malfunction reported by our Warranty & Repairs Department.  If your scale is providing inaccurate readings or frequent error messages, try changing the batteries first to ensure the issue isn’t because of insufficient battery power.

If your scale won’t power on or remain powered on, we recommend changing your batteries before attempting other forms of maintenance.  If your scale is still experiencing the same issue after changing the batteries, your scale may have a loose battery connection.  With the batteries removed, gently adjust the battery prongs so the batteries will make firm contact with the terminal once they are inserted back into the unit.

What will happen to my scale if I overload it and what is Weighmeter?

Overload is the term that refers to placing too much weight on a scale’s weighing platform.  Always avoid weighing items that are heavier the scale’s maximum capacity because the pressure applied can crush the load cell.

Overloading your digital scale may cause permanent damage to the load cell, and the scale may not be eligible for a warranty claim.

Weighmeter is a feature that protects against overloading your scale.  If the Weighmeter icon or Overload Indicator icon appears on your scale, then you are either approaching or have reached the maximum capacity of the scale and you should remove all items from the weighing platform immediately.

Why is my scale is only showing partial digits on the display?

Usually a display showing partial digits is caused by wire connected to the display becoming dislodged.  Often this can be fixed by gently pressing down on the LCD screen until the body of the unit is firmly reconnected.  If the error cannot be fixed without dissembling the scale, please visit our Warranty page for more information on repairing your scale.

What should I do if I’m seeing inconsistent readings?

If your digital scale is delivering inconsistent results, please ensure the batteries are fresh and that the scale is placed on a flat & stable weighing surface in a wind-free environment.  If you are following all proper weighing techniques but still receiving inconsistent measurements, then we recommend calibrating your scale.

Instructions for calibrating or recalibrating your scale can be found in your user manual, and we also offer calibration help videos for certain scales that can be found on that scale’s product page.  Recalibrating your scale will involve using a calibration weight, which may need to purchased separately if it was not included with your scale’s accessories.  Before calibrating your scale ensure that you are using the correct weight amount, and beware to not overload the scale’s maximum weight.