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Power On Your Scale


Every scale has a power button or [ON/OFF] key that powers the scale on.  Although every scale is different, usually the power button is marked with a circular icon or “ON/OFF” text on the key. For more information on how to power-on your scale model, please see your scale’s manual or quick start guide.

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There are several reasons that your scale may not be responding to the power button being pressed.  If your scale will not power-on, we recommend following these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Find your scale’s instruction manual and check to see if your scale is powered by battery or A/C adapter.  Some scales are able to use both.
  2. If your scale is powered by batteries, try replacing the batteries with new batteries. Also be sure that you are using the correct battery size and that they are installed correctly.
  3. If you scale is powered by A/C adapter, make sure that you have the adapter firmly plugged into the wall and the scale. You may also want to check if the outlet is operating correctly by testing another device on that same outlet.

There is also the possibility that you received the incorrect adapter for your scale model.  If you received the incorrect adapter for your scale model, please submit a warranty claim through our Warranty page.  We will expedite sending you the correct power adapter as soon as possible.