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Low Batteries

What Is A Low Battery Indicator?

Many digital scales have a low battery indicator that illuminates when the batteries on your scale is low and need to be replaced. A low battery indicator is usually a battery symbol or the letters “LO” (please see your scale’s instruction manual for more information.)

Another indicator of low battery power is if the scale powers on and then automatically powers off again. If your scale is automatically powering off moments after powering on, please follow instructions to replace the batteries and attempt to power on the scale again.

Low Battery Power Affects Accuracy

Low batteries and poor battery connections are the leading cause of scale malfunction and inaccurate readings when recording measurements on digital scales. For accurate measurements, it is essential that the scale’s components receive the required amount of power.

Replacing Your Scale’s Batteries

Check the instructions in your scale’s manual for more information on battery installation and how to change the batteries on your scale.  Or view our help article “Installing Or Replacing Batteries” for general instructions.

Additional Information On Batteries

Most digital scales are powered by disposable batteries, which are intended for single usage and not rechargeable. Disposable batteries lose power throughout their product lifespan by either being used to power an electronic, or by sitting dormant for long periods of time. Most batteries have a lifespan of several years, but it is common to change batteries on your scale annually or more depending on the frequency of use and duration of usage.

Some digital scales are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can lifespan of several years, and may eventually need to be replaced if used frequently enough over a long period of time. Please see your scale’s manual for more information if your scale uses a rechargeable battery.