My Weigh iBalance i700

The My Weigh iBalance i700 is a high-precision tabletop scale with a modern design and updated features. This scale was designed for professionals who frequently count items by improving the parts counting feature, adding a removable cover that functions as a bowl and including a true 7000 division load cell with commercial-grade sensors. The My Weigh iBalance i700 is one of the most highly technically advanced and user-friendly tabletop scale available.

  • Advanced parts counting
  • Removable cover / bowl
  • Hinged protective cover
  • Programmable auto-off
  • Powered by battery or cord
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Last unit used memory
  • Backlight control
  • Auto-zero tracking
  • German HBM sensors
  • Integrated thermistor
  • Stainless steel platform
The My Weigh iBalance i700 is part of the iBalance family of scales – the ultimate professional scales for proven true precision.
Model Capacity Accuracy
iBalance i700 700g 0.1 g
Included Accessories
AC Power Adapter
Removable Cover / Bowl
Tare Yes
Hold No
Count Yes
Auto-Off Programmable
Calibration Yes
Overload Indicator Yes
Power Up Segment Test Yes
Negative Values No
Data Transmission Port No
Technical Information
Units g, ct, 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, oz, ozt, dwt
Power 8V 600mA Power Adapter or
6 x AA Batteries
Display Blue Backlit LCD
Warranty Length 30 Years
Operating Temperature Optimum 10-40°C (50-104°F)
Scale Dimension 9″ x 6.1″ x 2.1″
228mm x 155mm x 55mm
Tray Dimension 6.1″ x 5.7″
155mm x 145mm
Scale Weight 24 oz / 680 g

iBalance i700 Weighing Modes

Mode Capacity Resolution
Grams 700.00 g 0.1 g
Carats 3500.0 ct 0.5 ct
1/4 oz 98.78 1/4 oz 0.02 1/4 oz
1/8 oz 197.55 1/8 oz 0.05 1/8 oz
Ounces 24.690 oz 0.005 oz
Troy Ounces 22.505 ozt 0.0005 ozt
Pennyweights 450.1 dwt 0.1 dwt
Counting Pieces

iBalance i700

Calibrate iBalance i700