Two is better than one in the fight against diabetes

According to the World Diabetes Foundation, there are about 285 million people living with diabetes. That is about 6.4% of the world population. While this number is expected to grow over the next 20 years, there is a significant movement being made to assist people that have diabetes. This movement is the accelerated need for both kitchen and pocket scales to assist in weighing food, especially high sugar items.  The boom in Diabetics directly correlates to the boom in sales of portable precision weighing instruments as well as less portable weighing devices such as kitchen scales.  My Weigh is #1 in this market with more Diabetics using My Weigh for sugar weighing than any other brand.

Precision weighing scales can be very helpful to diabetic users both at home and on the go. While having a kitchen scale at home was the standard 10 years ago, most kitchen scales are large and are not very portable, making them difficult to take to your office or to a restaurant. This is why having both a kitchen scale and a pocket scale is essential for diabetics. If your customer already has a typical kitchen scale that is not very portable, consider recommending they supplement their weighing with a portable pocket sized scale such as the Palmscale®. There are many new and very convenient scales that can fit in a purse or coat pocket to easily weigh on the go. HBI Tech offers contemporary designed scales for this function that are durable, precise and downright beautiful.

Over the past decade, the advent of lower cost high precision sensors has enabled us to offer higher precision at a very reasonable cost.   Because of this, consumers now demand higher precision for their weighing needs. Most manual scales from the 1980’s were accurate within 10 grams. Most digital scales from the 1990’s were accurate within 5 grams.  Now most scales are accurate even below 1 gram.  Modern scales that are accurate to 0.1 gram are perfect for weighing foods that are not high sugar items, while using scales that are accurate to the hundredth or 0.01 gram are better suited for weighing sugar or high sugar items. When weighing high sugar items it is illogical to weigh in less accurate (ie 1 gram) increments when they can now weigh in more precise 0.01 gram increments.  While 0.01 gram scales used to be expensive, nowadays the prices are so low for these scales there is no longer any excuse to risk health by weighing in larger increments. An extra 0.05 grams can be the difference between needing an injection or not. There is no reason to chance it. Remember that a scale that reads in 1 gram increments will be accurate usually +/- 1 gram (meaning what you think is 1 gram could be 2.5 grams – over time the accumulation of this excess sugar in your system can have consequences).

As you can see, we are very excited about the progress being made in the fight against diabetes. There are many different scales that are each unique and helpful in different ways. We strongly recommend that you utilize a kitchen scale for your home and a pocket scale for weighing on-the-go.. This way you will be prepared both at home and on the road. There is truly no longer any excuse for not monitoring your sugar intake with a weighing device. After all,  health is paramount. Trust My Weigh for all of your weighing needs.


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